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For All Our Pin-Ups in Pinnies Out There

This is a lovely post from Jessica over at the fantastic Chronically Vintage. You can see the original post here


It features three 1950s soup recipes for all you budding domestic divas! Ideal for all those wild, wet, and windy days we’ve had lately!

As Jessica puts it…

“This is not a day for complex meals or anything that involves reams of intense activity. It’s the sort of damp springtime Wednesday that calls for, to my mind, one food perhaps more than any other: a steaming, alluringly fragrant, delightfully tasty bowl of warm soup.

Whether on the coldest of winter eves or a drizzly May afternoon, there’s nothing quite like soup to comfort, nourish, and relax the mind, body and soul – which no doubt accounts in part for why this dish – in its countless iterations – has remained such a beloved classic the world over for thousands of years.

While we aren’t reaching anywhere near that far back in time today for today’s vintage soups, this trio of 1950s recipes (quartet if you count the suggestion of cooking frankfurters in your soup) featuring Lipton soup mixes that one jazzes up to turn into more exciting lunch or dinner fare, certainly harkens back a few decades and brings with it all the timeless appeal that soup has held since day one.”


“Of the three recipes above, I think that the Chinese Noodle Soup appeals most to me at the moment, but the Tomato Fish Chowder and Milky Way Soup both certainly have their merits, too (I’m not the biggest seafood fan though, so I’d be included to turn that recipe into Tomato Chicken or Turkey Chowder if I was cooking solely for myself).

Aside from the ultra easy mid-century soup recipes themselves here, I’m drawn to – and just adore – the wonderful ice cream and coral inspired colours of this charmingly illustrated cookery page. Talk about fabulous vintage decor – or wardrobe – inspiration!”

Thanks so much for sharing, Jessica, we’ll get our pinnies on and give it a go!

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